There are 7 Depression Doors that stand between you and your freedom;
get the 7 Keys to unlock those doors


• Understanding depression
• The myths that surround depression
• How depression traps you
• Your two minds, why you have them and when to listen to which one
• The story line you’ve written for yourself and how that is driving your life

You’ll learn how to take action to OVERCOME DEPRESSION:

• By recognising the 7 Depression Doors that stand between you and your freedom and the 7 Keys to unlock those doors.
• By shifting from the state in which people choose to blame everyone and everything else for their problems to one of responsibility.
• By acknowledging something is missing from your life, when you’re feeling lost and what to do about it.
• By shifting from avoidance and ignoring commitments to facing things.
• By recognising the difference between you and your thoughts.
• By resisting the need to “rest” and engaging in solitary activities, overworking or anything else that keeps you confined and disconnected.
• By releasing the tendency to escape life’s problems and replacing with healthier options.


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