In the course you will also learn in detail about the 7 Depression Doors that stand between you and your freedom and we’ll show you the 7 Keys to unlock those doors.

We hope through this information you will become more skilled at dealing with your depression and learn to overcome it by working out what’s important to you in your life and heading directly towards that.

Through the Depression Help Fast video course and workbook you will learn:

• Love, compassion and forgiveness for yourself
• To stop putting yourself through the unnecessary pain of comparing yourself to others
• Mindful awareness to deal with those persistent, unhelpful and destructive thoughts
• To identify your past as a story, change your story and change your life
• To read your emotions and recognize their impact on you and others
• To deal with your emotions and impulses
• To adapt to changing circumstances.

Rather than being robbed of your energy and life by depression, we hope to show you that depression is something you have the power to manage and eventually overcome.

Instead of just coping, or surviving, you’ll be back in the driver’s seat of your life, so you get to end up where you really want to go.

Watch sample videos

We use online video tutorials to teach you how to short-circuit the depression trap
by teaching you a ‘counter-intuitive’ approach.



Unlimited access to the membership site and online course:

√  Welcome and “How to use this series”
√  Section 1 “Understanding Depression” – 4 x episodes
√  Section 2 “Taking Action to Overcome Depression” – 8 episodes
√  Workbook including 10 x Help Sheets (Downloadable PDF)
√  The revised Depression Help Fast eBook



√  Welcome and “How to use this series” (mp3)
√  Section 1 “Understanding Depression” – 4 episodes (mp3)
√  Section 2 “Taking Action to Overcome Depression”
.    – 8 episodes (mp3)
√  Workbook including 10 x Help Sheets (Downloadable PDF)


The Depression Help Fast online videos or mp3 audios are packed with useful information and motivational ideas that you can apply right away
You’ll learn:

How to deal with negative emotions using Mindfulness and Acceptance

How to deal with negative thoughts patterns by learning to watch your thoughts rather than just blindly believing them

How to stop avoiding things that you know are important

We’ll introduce you to powerful All-Natural Antidepressants including:

Specific Foods that have been shown to improve mood and those to be avoided

How you can use laughter as a natural remedy, even when there’s nothing to laugh about!

How to discover a sense of gratitude even when you are feeling depressed

You’ll receive a DHF workbook including 10 x professionally designed PDF help-sheets based on proven clinical research including these and other topics:

√    Identifying core life values

√   What am I avoiding?

√    Believing false thoughts

√    How at risk am I?

√   What works in the long term?

√   Initial suffering and ongoing suffering

√   What would life be like if I didn’t have this condition?

What these Videos are:
  • Designed to help you Understand Depression in a new way.
  • Designed to help you manage and ultimately overcome depression.
  • Designed to support you on your journey.
  • Designed to provide some of the latest information on Overcoming Depression available.
  • Designed to compliment any professional therapy or counseling you are currently having.
What these videos are not:
  • These videos are NOT designed as a Crisis Management solution if you are seriously considering harming yourself.
  • These videos are NOT medical advice.
  • These videos are NOT designed to diagnose any condition you may have.
  • These videos are NOT recommendations on medications.
  • These videos are NOT designed as a substitute for professional therapy or counseling.
  • These videos are NOT designed to be your only support system in your journey out of depression.


• If you are feeling at a point where you can’t cope any more, please look up and call the nearest Crisis Phone line available
in most states, territories and countries.

• These phone numbers are often found using the telephone book or by doing a local internet search

• If you are feeling at a point where you are seriously considering harming yourself and you need immediate assistance please go to your local hospital
or for urgent assistance, please call emergency services on 000 (Australia)


For immediate assistance please go to your local hospital or for urgent assistance please call emergency services on 000

• Here are some Australian links:


Can Depression Help Fast work for anyone?

The techniques we use in Depression Helpf Fast ie. Mindfullness and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) are highly recommended as one of the first option treatment for most depression suffers because they are seen as the being the only treatment required for more than half of all cases of anxiety, and as an important aid to treatment in cases where a medical professional may also recommend medication.

How does Depression Help Fast help overcome depression?

Depression is an action – it’s something you do to yourself – so once you realize this and become aware of how depression works to “trap” you, you’ll get more adept at knowing the triggers that propel you towards the depression trap – so you be able to identify it when its up to its old tricks.

You see everyone has problems, that’s just life, but once you’ve become competent at using CBT and mindfulness you’ll have the tools keep going on with your life, staying engaged with life and dealing with what needs to be dealt with.

How come you give a money back guarantee?

The information in this site is what worked for us – we know it can work for most people – but sometimes there are circumstances where a person is just not ready to do what it takes to overcome depression … and no matter what, we want to help – so if that means giving you the whole course and then giving your money back then that’s what we’ll do.

I want to try Depression Help Fast – but I’m worried what my doctor will say - should I stop taking my medication?

Definitely not. Medication for depression can be serious and you shouldn’t just take yourself off it with out first consulting your doctor.

We want you to get well and sometimes that can take a combination of treatments may be required, so just coming straight off your medication without the supervision of your doctor is not advisable.

Sometimes it takes medication to help stablise you and then you can work towards weaning off the medication into self-managed techniques like Mindfulness and CBT. It’s best to tell your doctor about your plans and consider his or her advice.

Are any of these non-drug techniques recognized by International Health Organisations?

Yes they are, particularly Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, which is used to prevent and manage both depression and anxiety. And it is recognized, not just as a treatment, but a preferred choice as the first treatment because of its long-term effects.

For more information on CBT see these sites:

Insert site links

For more information on Mindfulness see these sites:

Insert site links

What’s the difference between the MP3 versions and the online videos?

  • The MP3 can be downloaded, which means you can put them on your mobile and listen to them any time.
  • The videos are online – which means you need to be connected to the internet to watch the videos.
  • The Help Sheets provided for both courses are the same document and can be downloaded.
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