Video Course

Two and a half hours of video tutorials to teach you how to short-circuit the depression trap by teaching you a ‘counter-intuitive’ approach by: learning to allow and observe your emotions (even the negative ones); learning how to do things that are important regardless of your depression; learning to examine your thoughts for truth rather than just believing everything you think. This course includes the eBook and the Workbook.


This is our guide to some of the best information we’re found out about depression and the trap it can lure us into – and keep us there. There are two stages to overcoming depression, the first is to understand it more, then what action you can take to move away from it. Download it now and discover 60+ pages of valuable information, concepts and advice. Now revised and updated to include the most recent information on retraining our minds.


The workbook is designed to further extend your experience of the video tutorials. We’ve included help sheets for the most important sections of the Depression Help Fast content. It’s a way of recording the information for you, also to help aid in your reflection of the material and to be able to refer back to it at a later date. Download it now and discover 60+ pages of valuable information and exercises and advice. Plus there’s a NOTES page at the end of each section so you can record your own learnings and build up your personal wisdom.

Can this information help you?
Are you suffering from any or all of the following?
• Sadness or crying for no obvious reason?
• Consistently low mood?
• Persistent moodiness, anger or irritability that is out of character?
• Feelings of anxiety?
• Pain in the body?
• A loss of interest in normally pleasurable activities? (eg. eating, sex, exercise)
• A significant loss of motivation?
• Avoidance of physical movement or exercise?
• Chronic tiredness and wanting to sleep all the time?
• Avoidance of emotionally charged situations in case it makes you ‘feel bad’?
• A sense of pessimism or a feeling that things won’t improve?
• Feelings of worthlessness or excessive guilt or worry
• Feelings of low self-esteem or loss of confidence?
• Trouble sleeping?
• Avoidance of relationships and friendships?
• Avoidance of breaking up from an unsatisfying relationship?
• Comfort eating and significant weight gain?
• Persistent or frustrating negative thought patterns and emotions that you feel are holding you back?

It’s important to know that everyone experiences some of these symptoms from time to time and it may not necessarily mean a person is depressed. But if these feelings or physical symptoms last for long periods of time, feel overwhelming or are stopping you from leading a normal, active life then it’s time to seek help.

Help comes in a variety of ways and everyone’s situation is different. The best treatments for depression can include a combination of psychological treatment, and most importantly support, sometimes medications are prescribed.

We’ve created Depression Help Fast to be part of your support system. We understand what it’s like to have depression dominating your life.

This may be hard to grasp when you spend so much time trying to control how you feel, control your mood, control your depression. Sometimes you spend so much time and energy focused on what you don’t want, that you reduce the opportunity to get what you do want in life.

You may think you have to first overcome your depression before you can begin to live a vital and meaningful life. In fact the opposite is true. When you get clear on your values and begin to engage with your life again, get back into living and see all the possibilities that exist for you, over time the depression can often reduce significantly and sometimes simply fade away.

Wherever you are now, your situation is not your fault, but only you are the only one who can do anything about it. Rather than being robbed of your energy and life by depression, we hope to show you that depression is something you have the power to manage and eventually overcome. Instead of just coping, or surviving, you’ll be back in the driver’s seat of your life, so you get to end up where you really want to go.

Depression traps you by:
• causing you to try to force yourself to feel good when you do not
• causing you to avoid things that really are important to you (because of how you might feel)
• causing you to believe in many baseless negative thoughts

In the Depression Help Fast video course and eBook you will also learn in detail about the 7 Depression Doors that stand between you and your freedom and we’ll show you the 7 Keys to unlock those doors. We hope through this information you will become more skilled at dealing with your depression and learn to overcome it by working out what’s important to you in your life and heading directly towards that.

And when your depression does lift, you will feel a sense of purpose again and your life is worth living. You’ll feel energetic and a new-found sense of self love.

Imagine that for a moment.